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Buy Tobacco Free Swedish Snus at Nicopods 4 Sale! Nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco at all, it contains plant fiber with nicotine what makes it available on EU market at the moment. Most of nicotine pouches contain 9- 32 mg of nicotine per serving. One of the most popular flavor of nicotine pouhces these days are Mint similar as Swedish snus. These products are completely without any tobacco and do not color your teeth! Nicotine pouches are well known for brands like LYFT, VELO, SKRUF SUPER WHITE, WHITE FOX, NORDIC SPIRIT, ON!, ZYN, SHIRO, VOLT, MAVERICK, KILLA, PABLO, KURWA, LOOP, VELO, GRANT, STRIPE, FEDRS, CUBA, ZONE X, ACE, GRITT, SIBERIA, THE CLUB, FUMI and much more.